Read on to find out the answers to common questions about pub culture.

Is there a difference in pubs all over the world?

Yes. Pubs are likely to vary from pub to pub. Every country will have its own adaptions of pubs. And of course, Great Britain is where the pub originated from. So this is where you’ll find the most traditional pubs. Great Britain pubs will definitely differ from say American or Australian versions of pubs. American has more of a bar scene than a pub scene. Typically what Americans call a ‘pub’ will usually feature lots of big screens where sports events are played regularly. You can expect a lively, loud and rowdy atmosphere. With game after game. In comparison, British pubs are usually quiet and relaxing environments. Where people go to relax and unwind after a hard days work or to socialise with others. Britains treat pubs how Americans treat coffee shops. Brits will stop by there for a few coffees (pints) relax, unwind and catch up with some old friends.

Are pubs a British thing?

Yes, pubs originated from Great Britain. The first pub was established, like most things, in Roman times. In fact, in Anglo-Saxon times they were named ‘alehouses’ or ‘taverns’ but served the same purpose. They were a place to meet and socialise with overs over an alcoholic beverage. In the 19th century, these places were called ‘pubs’ and areas we know them today. Many viewed them as essential in communities as it acted as a meeting point for everyone to connect. The popularity of pubs continued to grow and soon there were thousands all over the country.

Why is the pub culture so prominent in Britain?

It’s true that the pub is deeply engrained into British culture. This is because pubs play a crucial role in encouraging social interaction and bringing communities together. Especially people that live in villages or rural areas. Pubs are so deeply ingrained into British society that even many of Bristish favourite TV programmes will feature them. With favourite characters gathering at their local pub often to discuss the recent affairs over a pint.

Where did the name ‘Pub’ come from?

As previously mentioned, pubs used to be called either ‘alehouses’ or ‘taverns’ in Roman times. Eventually, they adopted the name ‘pub’ which was short for ‘public house’. It was a space where anyone from the public could come to enjoy an alcoholic beverage. And of course, the pub owner would have a license to state that alcoholic beverages were allowed to be sold for consumption in the establishment.

Bar vs Pub, what’s the difference?

The differences between a bar and pub may not seem that significant. But the culture of both is very different. As mentioned before, pubs have a very long history. Brits have been drinking in them since the Roman times, with an ale in hand and a pipe in the other. However, bars originated from the US. It is also a place where alcoholic drinks are served. However, usually has a more upbeat and smart atmosphere. At a pub you are likely to be drinking pints, ciders sometimes wine. But at bars, it’s common to be drinking heavy spirits. They do have distinct ambiences but the overall function is the same.