A guide to gambling in pubs

What gambling machines will find inside pubs today?

The old fashioned fruit machines are rarely found inside pubs in the modern days that we live in. Despite the classic fruit machines popularity since all the way back from the 1400s, they are becoming less common as time goes on. In fact, gambling machines are so advanced now as technology has advanced extensively since then. So consequently, these fruit machines are viewed as dated and dull. They have been replaced in pubs all over the world with up-to-date gambling machines. These machines will feature a variety of slot and table games. With new and updated game designs to maximize the gambling experience.

Gambling in pubs definitely isn’t as popular as it once was. Most people prefer to visit a casino or gamble online now. However, many still enjoy spinning the reels or placing a bet on poker whilst enjoying a chilled beer (or whatever you rather). It’s easy to spend many hours playing all the up-to-date and ultra-modern games on offer now. All you have to do is insert money into the machines and get started. You can spend hours enjoying the incredible themes, 3D graphics, animations and sound effects. But always remember, it’s important to know when to stop. Always factor loses into games and never gamble more than you can afford.

Licensed rules and regulations

All pubs worldwide have to follow strict rules and regulations if they decide to install gambling machines. They must ensure they are up-to-date and verified with the Gambling Commission.
General rules are as followed (they may vary slightly from pub to pub):

⦁ All pubs that have decided to install gambling machines must ensure they only allow customers to access them during particular hours. These hours will vary from pub to pub but MUST coexist with the premises licensed hours for the sale of alcohol (Gambling Act 2005).

⦁ It is vital that all customers that use the machines are 18+. The staff at the premises must check all ID’s or they risk being fined $10,000. And will receive a warning, 3 strikes (warnings) and they will be forced to close down.

⦁ The gambling machines come in categories C or D. This basically means they are only available in certain places. And also can only accept bets of a maximum of $1 and the maximum win is $100. This ensures restricted and regulated gameplay. So players cannot get carried away and cause any big financial damage.

This strict rules and regulations must be carried out with each lincesed pub that has installed gambling machines. Failure to do so will result in fines and eventually the closure of the pub. The Gambling Commision make regular checks to ensure all buisness owners are complying with these rules.


After reading through the rules, you will be made aware of the obligations pub owners need to follow. This is to ensure their machines are safe for public use. In addition to these rules, it is the machine suppliers responsibility to show the RTP (return to player), an 18+ badge, maximum pay-in/ payout, and gambling awareness (numbers or support and services). This is to ensure the public is aware of all information before playing. And also where to get support if they feel their gambling is becoming unhealthy.

If you choose to gamble online on your mobile phone whilst in a pub you should take extra care to play responsibly since drinking impairs your judgement. For more info visit www.casinosjungle.com