The history of the pub

What is the origin of the pub?

The concept of the pub originated from the late 17th century. The idea was established in Great Britain. The pub’s history can be dated back to the Anglo-Saxon times. During these times, many people would gather in different areas to meet with others and enjoy an alcoholic beverage (and sometimes food). These areas were eventually called ‘taverns’. Which was essentially a place where people would gather to drink. People could also retire here for an evening if they wished and it was mainly travellers that did so. Therefore, a tavern also acted as an Inn. In fact, every 20 miles it was likely you’d find a tavern during this time period.

A licence was and still is required to operate a pub. This license gives pub owners a right to serve alcohol for consumption on the premises. However, it wasn’t until the 19th century that pubs became how we know them today. During the 19th century, many call pubs ”the heart of England”. This was because the pubs bought all communities together and create a space for social interaction. Many would gather to meet here nightly or weekly. As pubs popularity increased they started to hold different events to attract new customers and keep existing ones entertained.

Where does the pub stand today?

Unfortunately, pubs have been in decline for the previous 10 years. Many pubs all over the world faced closure from the years 2008-2018. This was due to many reasons. The primary reason was the sheer competition. Not only against other pubs but they were also up against restaurants and bars. The pubs started to struggle and were forced to close due to lack of custom and revenue. However, it’s not all bad news. In 2019, figures show that pubs were on the rise again. This means more pubs were opening up globally and the figure started to rise again.

It is believed that the number of pubs started to rise again due to adaptation. In order to keep up with the competition, pub owners had to evolve their business. They had to keep up-to-date with the constantly changing and strengthening the food and drink industry. This is why many pubs offer extensive and high-quality food menus, a variety of drinks, special events nights and even accommodation. This is to ensure they stay on top of the market and provide customers with everything they need so they don’t go elsewhere.

What are the characteristics of a pub?

The characteristics of a pub will vary from pub to pub. In fact, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll find two pubs the same. Most pubs now feature outstanding menus full of tasty homemade dishes. And also an extensive drinks menu! This keeps every customer satisfied. Many pubs take over old buildings so the architecture and interior can vary massively. They may feature pool tables, darts and other games to be enjoyed by customers. And even slot machines for those who love to gamble and potentially win some money! Pubs are open to absolutely anyone. All members of the public are welcome to roam in freely regardless of where you’re from.