Top 5 most famous pubs/bars in the world

The Blind Beggar

The Blind Beggar dates all the way back to 1894. You will find this historic pub on Whitechapel Road in Whitechapel, which is East London. This pub is named after Henry de Montford, who was the son of Simon de Montfort (Simon played a big part in the opposition to King Henry III of England). It features a traditional exterior and intentior with stone bricks and hanging chandelers. The pub filled with infamous history and interesting features that remain from the 19th century. Currently, it bases its theme around the Krays twins, who were famous Bristish criminals. If you take the Ganger Tour Bus around london then The Blind Begger will be your last stop. It features many pictures of the Krays along with descripitions of their scandalous stories. And don’t be frightened if you hear pistols fire every so often, it’s all part of the experience.

White Horse Tavern, New York City, New York

For those that appreciate historic value, the White Horse Tavern is definitely a pub to visit. It was founded in 1880 which makes it the second oldest bar in New York City. Its historic literary connections mean that it is a tourist attraction, with thousands visiting each year. This pub used to be a writers hangout, with the likes of Dylan Thomas (an extremely famous Welsh poet) and many more. It’s almost as the writers have left their spirits there as their photographs cover a huge section of the wall. Go and check it out and see which famous writers faces you recognize!

Garota de Ipanema, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

If you love bossa nova (a style of samba) then head over to Garota de Ipanema and you won’t be disappointed. This pub is filled with history and a musical ambience like no other. In fact, Antonio Carlos Jobim wrote his incredibly famous song ‘The Girl from Ipanema’ inside this pub. This song features a mixture of jazz and boss nova. It became very successful in the mid-1960s and even won a Grammy for Record of the Year (1965). This is the main reason that Garota has become so famous. The interior features walls with musical notes and the song lyrics were written all over them. You can even sit at the very table itself where Jobim composed the song. The atmosphere is incredible which is why it’s become a hot tourist spot.

The Pub, Valletta, Malta

The Pub is inspired by a traditional English pub and is most known for being the last place the beloved actor Oliver Reed had a drink. You’ll be reminded of the late Reed with press reports reporting his last binge session before his heart attack plastered all over the walls. The thing people love most about this pub is its dated interior. It looks rather run-down but in a good way that reminds you of all the sailors that use to unwind there. It features many flags kept as memories of those who use to inhabit it as their local. It’s been famous during and since WWII and has remained a popular tourist spot for visitors. It was even voted the 5th most legendary pub in the world. This is due to its interesting historical background and also the vast amount of beers and spirits on offer. The food is incredible too!

Harry’s Bar, Venice, Italy

Harry’s bar has been around since 1929 and has become one of Italy’s most visited bars. It proves extremely popular with locals and tourists. This isn’t surprising as it features an elegant but traditional interior and charming characteristics which create a great atmosphere. This use to be a bar that many celebrities, writers, artists and aristocrats would visit frequently. It oozes with atmosphere and sophistication. Since 2001, it has been declared as a national landmark in Italy. Some even say it was a favourite of Ernest Hemingway! There are so many great reasons to visit, so make sure you tick it off your checklist.